The Innovation of Design

Innovation (Innovation) is rooted in Latin innovare meaning to do something new, the development of this concept arose in the early 20th century from the idea of ​​an industrialist, focusing on creation. Research and development in science and technology is essential. By the definition of innovation in economics is Adopting new ideas or taking advantage of existing ones in new ways to achieve economic benefits.

Due to the meaning of innovation in the invention of something new. Innovation is closely related to invention on the issue of invention. It is a new discovery, new knowledge that has not been invented yet. Or discovered before Innovation will mean Bringing new knowledge Or new discoveries that apply in the form of technology Or any other form that does not use technology

Summary of the meaning of innovation

Refers to a new idea, practice or invention that has not been used before. Or is it a modified development from an existing one To be more modern and more effective, when innovation is applied, it will help work that is better, more efficient and more efficient.


1.Radical innovation

It refers to the movement of bringing something truly new to society by changing the old values, beliefs, and value systems. system) of society Entirely For example, the Internet is one of the innovations in the information world. Internet system presentation Making the original values ​​believed The world of information is limited. In particular circles, both in terms of time and place have changed. Provide unlimited access to information Both in terms of time and distance changes in this Make the information value system Change Some people believe The Internet will replace the existing information transmission system. All soon, for example, the postal system.

2. Innovation in a gradual manner.

A movement to discover (discover) or invent something new (invent) by application. Use new ideas (new idea) or new knowledge (new knowledge) that has an infinite continuous nature. By applying new ideas or new human knowledge and discovering new techniques or technology (technology), innovations with a gradual nature. Therefore, there is a characteristic of cumulative learning in the context of one society. At present, society has changed greatly. Because of the results of the globalization movement The society is borderless (borderless) is a society of the people of the world with social, cultural and political diversity. Resulting in innovation Tend to be The movement of new discoveries continues internationally rather than entirely innovative. For a society

Type of innovation

1.Product innovation

It is to improve a commercially produced product that is better or is something new to the market. This innovation can be new to the world, to a country or even to an organization. Product innovation It can also be divided into a tangible product or a generic product such as a new car, high-tech TV or ‘High Definition TV (HDTV)’, DVD or ‘Digital Video Disc (DVD)’ and Intangible products, such as services (services) such as package tours, nature conservation, banking-banking transactions via telephone (telephone finance banking), etc.

2. Process Innovation

It is a change in the way or method of manufacturing a product or service to provide a different form of service, such as’ Just In Time (JIT) Production ‘, Quality Management, Total Organization or’ Total. Quality Management (TQM) ‘, and compact production or’ Lean Production ‘etc.

Innovation is a new idea or action. In which academics or experts, executives, employees, or even everyone in the society in each industry are constantly thinking and doing new things, innovation can be new and emerging. As long as humans have new desires Or want to find a solution to problems that arise By what has been thought and done for a long time It is considered that innovation is lost With something new to replace In today’s management industry as well There is always something called administrative innovation. For example, at present, such as Balanced Scorecard, KPI, Competency, Six sigma, etc. So the best in the recording factor may be the last thing in the future. Which administrators must create an understanding of this natural predatory fish As the Buddha’s teaching that there arose, stood and died

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