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Design (Gesign) means to convey a style from an idea into a work. That others can see, perceive, or touch In order to have an understanding of the work together There are many important issues, namely, in terms of planning, design work helps to The work is in accordance with the steps. Appropriate and save time, so design may be considered planning work. In terms of presentations The design works will help stakeholders to Clearly understand Therefore, the importance in this field is meaningful. For understanding between each other, it is described in detail about the work. Some jobs can be very detailed. The design works will help all stakeholders And those who see it have a clearer understanding Or it can be said that the design work represents the designer’s idea. It’s all there
Definition Meaning of design Many scholars have defined different definitions according to their beliefs. And understanding
Golestein (Golestein.1968: 3) argues that design is the selection and arrangement of things (objects, things or stories, content) with a dual purpose: to have order. And to have beauty
Bevlin (Bevlin 1980: 2) commented that design is a collection of parts. Keep it all together
Aree Suthiphan (1984: 8) gives the meaning of design that Design means knowing how to plan for the desired action and knowing the material selection. Method to do as desired; In accordance with the frog style pattern And properties of each material according to creativity For design, one of the meanings is to improve the existing design. Or things that already exist to fit To have more newness
Wirun Tangcharoen (1984: 19) commented that design is planning, creating a design by planning, arranging design elements. In relation to the utilization of materials And the production of things like that design
Sittisak Thansrisawatkul (2529: 5) commented that design is one of the most important human activities. Which refers to things contained in the mind This could be a project or a design that the designer has set up with gestures, words, lines, colors, lights, sounds, patterns and materials. With beauty rules
Pasana Tantalak (2526: 293) commented that the design is a creative process according to the Intended
In conclusion, design is the innovation. And improvements and changes to the original for the better With the use of materials And the right way According to the scheme and the intended purpose
Design purpose In general, it is in order to achieve something better. In terms of functionality and beauty, considering the purpose of each branch, such as design, fall, but also about the use of space. The most economical, most convenient product design It’s about the material Manufacturing methods and construction design marketing are all about the structure, strength, foundation, which the designer must have experience. And has been performed well enough In addition The designer must have the principles of design as the foundation. For use as a thinking aid in various design work
There is one design definition that says Designing is a problem-solving activity to achieve a goal. Or the intended purpose (Design is a goal-directed problem-solving activity-Archer, 1965) from the definition shows that in the design will begin with a problem. There are goals that come from the parties involved. There is a work activity to solve problems from design work and combine them to achieve the desired purpose.In the past, the person who designed and produced their designs was often in one person, the craftsman who created the handicraft. Society later, with the advancement of technology and the complexity of the requirements to be met, it became a professional designer. Those who perform this role are usually those who are especially educated and trained. So when it comes to methods Working on designing in the past, it can be classified into 2 styles.
Artisan Method (or Unselfconscious process)
It is a method of trial and error of the craftsmen who are familiar with the problems in their work. Craftsmen will manage Solve the problem effectively at that point by gradually modifying it. Craftsmen were trained while working as a hand before. Therefore there is information about the requirements Materials and manufacturing processes accumulate in the memory, as there are no records and The drawing is kept as evidence, so the development in the design took a long time. And make it difficult to change All are often changed little by little during the work. The advantage of this design method is that it allows the technician to penetrate tightly into oblivion.
The draftsman’s method (or selfconscious process)
As a way of working with (Drawing) as the center of thinking. Improvement and development This is because of the increasingly complex and large design work, such as
Building or marine design, etc. It is necessary to divide the work into departments according to the skill of the workers to help them work faster. The method of the draftsman is different from the work of the craftsman. Where drawing is required Success before taking action And using forward-looking into the future (Perceptual span) method of designing in This allows for the freedom to make changes and to make modifications easier.
The way of working in these two designs is clearly understood that There are approaches to the problem of work out

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