Day: September 9, 2020

28 unique PACKAGING techniques

Today, design news has brought good articles to graphic designers again with “50 Techniques for Designing Packaging to Stand Out.” Any They can be adapted into our packaging designs to best capture the attention of buyers or spectators.

    Using a simple pattern combined with a meaningful color scheme can help make the packaging more interesting and expressive.
    Normal packaging, the inside will be left flat. If we alternate to make the outside smooth The inside is a pattern, it will make the work look more interesting. Make a difference to our packaging.

Don’t be afraid to design our Packaging to look smooth. Then will not look interesting It’s definitely more interesting. If simplicity can communicate products in Packaging

    Good packaging provides a good user experience for a little more money. It is very important when customers open and see the product. The feelings that are inside It’s not just a beautiful design and product wrap.
    Have to look for What the product we are going to design is how and then raise that point For example, in the picture of making the packaging transparent, seeing the product itself will make it more attractive and attractive to buy.

Try playing with your Packaging, it will increase the interest of viewers greatly. I will definitely take it home.

  1. BE BOLD
    Interesting use of various patterns, colors and shapes. Make it more obvious It’s a great way to stand out from our packaging.
    Try to find new ideas that are different and cost-effective from packaging. For example, in this packaging example, there are 2 functions in addition to adding honey. When the honey is depleted It can also be used as a candle since the packaging is made of wax, just turn it over and continue to use.
    Think about Packaging when users open and receive time. If there is a feature, it will be able to make a good impression in that product.

It doesn’t always have to be visual. Try using design elements such as lines or shapes that relate to your product to create a pattern to make it look interesting.

Do not be limited in our own thinking. Same product Why must they be the same? We can make a difference in our packaging.

    Simple, modern lines that never die in Packaging design are popular with all ages.
    By using textures in your packaging design, people will have more interaction with your package. Besides attracting their feelings from the eyes, it also captures their senses of touch.

If the product has a strong color To highlight that color clearly Will create an interesting appearance for the packaging The more products there are, the more obvious the time they are placed on the shelf.

    To tell the history of the product In addition to telling through the product, packaging can also be used as a complementary and best way to tell through the history of the product.
    Analyze what your products mean and show them through your packaging as accurately as possible.

Need to add a lot of creativity The example in the picture Cool milk soap So the designers made products and packaging like milk popsicles that communicate the feeling of cooling more to the users and very pleasant to those who see them.

    The inside is as important as the outside. Must pay attention to the design to be attractive.
    Being eco-friendly is a great way to get more people to be interested in and love your brand. For example, in the example picture is a bottle made of porcelain. Can be used to make a table vase

Good packaging requires play and creates more sensations than what you see.

    Show the product Letting the product speak and communicate is another great way to generate more interest.
    You have to study the product well, sometimes using a lot of packaging doesn’t always answer the question. Try to reduce the cost of packaging design but not reduce the value of the work. According to the example, the image is not many, but looks beautiful.
    Penetrating the channel to see the real product Is useful in many ways Either when choosing to buy or using as in the example image. It is a product for dogs when you feed it, and when you pick it up, your dog sees the package and wants to try it.
    Study products to try to limit the use of colors less. To create a recognition identity Highlight of our packaging
    Using the product as part of the packaging will make it look more attractive.

27.Be trendy
It must be trendy to create a trend that will be able to make a difference in the present as well.

    Must think outside the box To differentiate your product, for example, in the picture, water bottles made by other brands are plastic. But this brand is made out of paper. It creates interest to happen to those who find it

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Open the V&A Museum after the lockdown. Sell tickets Yearning for tangible art

Closed for months Since the outbreak of the latest COVID-19 “Victoria and Albert”, a world-class art and design museum. One of the symbols of civilization of the good people. The London address since 1852 will be reopened on Aug. 6.

Reputed to be one of the best museums in the world, V&A not only has a collection of 2.3 million art and designs from different eras for permanent exhibitions. It goes back as far as 5000 years old, covering architecture and design, paintings, sculptures, photographs, publications, furniture, fashion, textiles, jewelry, ceramics and art. And design of the Asian side Inside the museum, there are also temporary exhibitions that stand out in the form and concept of the exhibits continuously rotating to create colors. It is a talk and look forward to the art of everyone.

The first exhibition after the lock down. The exhibition “Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk” will be opened for members to preview two pre-shows in mid-August. It appears that the card is sold out. Sold Out !! Because the fans are repressed and want to eat Tangible artwork Not through a digital screen For the general public, you can visit from 27 Aug-25 Oct. Pre-book tickets are available for £ 16-18. The exhibition focuses on the evolution of the kimono from the 17th century to the present. To convey the identity of “kimono”, a costume that has a long history of the land of the rising sun From the national costume, which is the symbol of Japan Becoming a modern fashion icon recognized worldwide

Followed by an exhibition dedicated to fashion people, “Bags: Inside Out” on 21 Nov 2020 – 12 Sep 2021, taking you to explore the background of design, creative ideas. And the meticulousness of the high craftsmanship Until becoming a legendary shelf bag delving into every world fashion house From Hermes, Chanel to Louis Vuitton, the cards are expected to sell well.

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The Innovation of Design

Innovation (Innovation) is rooted in Latin innovare meaning to do something new, the development of this concept arose in the early 20th century from the idea of ​​an industrialist, focusing on creation. Research and development in science and technology is essential. By the definition of innovation in economics is Adopting new ideas or taking advantage of existing ones in new ways to achieve economic benefits.

Due to the meaning of innovation in the invention of something new. Innovation is closely related to invention on the issue of invention. It is a new discovery, new knowledge that has not been invented yet. Or discovered before Innovation will mean Bringing new knowledge Or new discoveries that apply in the form of technology Or any other form that does not use technology

Summary of the meaning of innovation

Refers to a new idea, practice or invention that has not been used before. Or is it a modified development from an existing one To be more modern and more effective, when innovation is applied, it will help work that is better, more efficient and more efficient.


1.Radical innovation

It refers to the movement of bringing something truly new to society by changing the old values, beliefs, and value systems. system) of society Entirely For example, the Internet is one of the innovations in the information world. Internet system presentation Making the original values ​​believed The world of information is limited. In particular circles, both in terms of time and place have changed. Provide unlimited access to information Both in terms of time and distance changes in this Make the information value system Change Some people believe The Internet will replace the existing information transmission system. All soon, for example, the postal system.

2. Innovation in a gradual manner.

A movement to discover (discover) or invent something new (invent) by application. Use new ideas (new idea) or new knowledge (new knowledge) that has an infinite continuous nature. By applying new ideas or new human knowledge and discovering new techniques or technology (technology), innovations with a gradual nature. Therefore, there is a characteristic of cumulative learning in the context of one society. At present, society has changed greatly. Because of the results of the globalization movement The society is borderless (borderless) is a society of the people of the world with social, cultural and political diversity. Resulting in innovation Tend to be The movement of new discoveries continues internationally rather than entirely innovative. For a society

Type of innovation

1.Product innovation

It is to improve a commercially produced product that is better or is something new to the market. This innovation can be new to the world, to a country or even to an organization. Product innovation It can also be divided into a tangible product or a generic product such as a new car, high-tech TV or ‘High Definition TV (HDTV)’, DVD or ‘Digital Video Disc (DVD)’ and Intangible products, such as services (services) such as package tours, nature conservation, banking-banking transactions via telephone (telephone finance banking), etc.

2. Process Innovation

It is a change in the way or method of manufacturing a product or service to provide a different form of service, such as’ Just In Time (JIT) Production ‘, Quality Management, Total Organization or’ Total. Quality Management (TQM) ‘, and compact production or’ Lean Production ‘etc.

Innovation is a new idea or action. In which academics or experts, executives, employees, or even everyone in the society in each industry are constantly thinking and doing new things, innovation can be new and emerging. As long as humans have new desires Or want to find a solution to problems that arise By what has been thought and done for a long time It is considered that innovation is lost With something new to replace In today’s management industry as well There is always something called administrative innovation. For example, at present, such as Balanced Scorecard, KPI, Competency, Six sigma, etc. So the best in the recording factor may be the last thing in the future. Which administrators must create an understanding of this natural predatory fish As the Buddha’s teaching that there arose, stood and died

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Design | Get to know

Design (Gesign) means to convey a style from an idea into a work. That others can see, perceive, or touch In order to have an understanding of the work together There are many important issues, namely, in terms of planning, design work helps to The work is in accordance with the steps. Appropriate and save time, so design may be considered planning work. In terms of presentations The design works will help stakeholders to Clearly understand Therefore, the importance in this field is meaningful. For understanding between each other, it is described in detail about the work. Some jobs can be very detailed. The design works will help all stakeholders And those who see it have a clearer understanding Or it can be said that the design work represents the designer’s idea. It’s all there
Definition Meaning of design Many scholars have defined different definitions according to their beliefs. And understanding
Golestein (Golestein.1968: 3) argues that design is the selection and arrangement of things (objects, things or stories, content) with a dual purpose: to have order. And to have beauty
Bevlin (Bevlin 1980: 2) commented that design is a collection of parts. Keep it all together
Aree Suthiphan (1984: 8) gives the meaning of design that Design means knowing how to plan for the desired action and knowing the material selection. Method to do as desired; In accordance with the frog style pattern And properties of each material according to creativity For design, one of the meanings is to improve the existing design. Or things that already exist to fit To have more newness
Wirun Tangcharoen (1984: 19) commented that design is planning, creating a design by planning, arranging design elements. In relation to the utilization of materials And the production of things like that design
Sittisak Thansrisawatkul (2529: 5) commented that design is one of the most important human activities. Which refers to things contained in the mind This could be a project or a design that the designer has set up with gestures, words, lines, colors, lights, sounds, patterns and materials. With beauty rules
Pasana Tantalak (2526: 293) commented that the design is a creative process according to the Intended
In conclusion, design is the innovation. And improvements and changes to the original for the better With the use of materials And the right way According to the scheme and the intended purpose
Design purpose In general, it is in order to achieve something better. In terms of functionality and beauty, considering the purpose of each branch, such as design, fall, but also about the use of space. The most economical, most convenient product design It’s about the material Manufacturing methods and construction design marketing are all about the structure, strength, foundation, which the designer must have experience. And has been performed well enough In addition The designer must have the principles of design as the foundation. For use as a thinking aid in various design work
There is one design definition that says Designing is a problem-solving activity to achieve a goal. Or the intended purpose (Design is a goal-directed problem-solving activity-Archer, 1965) from the definition shows that in the design will begin with a problem. There are goals that come from the parties involved. There is a work activity to solve problems from design work and combine them to achieve the desired purpose.In the past, the person who designed and produced their designs was often in one person, the craftsman who created the handicraft. Society later, with the advancement of technology and the complexity of the requirements to be met, it became a professional designer. Those who perform this role are usually those who are especially educated and trained. So when it comes to methods Working on designing in the past, it can be classified into 2 styles.
Artisan Method (or Unselfconscious process)
It is a method of trial and error of the craftsmen who are familiar with the problems in their work. Craftsmen will manage Solve the problem effectively at that point by gradually modifying it. Craftsmen were trained while working as a hand before. Therefore there is information about the requirements Materials and manufacturing processes accumulate in the memory, as there are no records and The drawing is kept as evidence, so the development in the design took a long time. And make it difficult to change All are often changed little by little during the work. The advantage of this design method is that it allows the technician to penetrate tightly into oblivion.
The draftsman’s method (or selfconscious process)
As a way of working with (Drawing) as the center of thinking. Improvement and development This is because of the increasingly complex and large design work, such as
Building or marine design, etc. It is necessary to divide the work into departments according to the skill of the workers to help them work faster. The method of the draftsman is different from the work of the craftsman. Where drawing is required Success before taking action And using forward-looking into the future (Perceptual span) method of designing in This allows for the freedom to make changes and to make modifications easier.
The way of working in these two designs is clearly understood that There are approaches to the problem of work out

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The Principle of Design

Principles of design (Design) is a planning, creative form. By arranging the components to be attractive, attractive, suitable for materials and functionality Design may be the idea. Or design as a plan to create The designer must have an understanding of the various elements that will be used in designing both the sign, symbol and psychology of awareness, belief and belief of the target audience.

Design principles In designing the following principles are taken into account.

► Balance

► Unity

► Space

► Rhythm

► Direction (Direction)

► Materials

► Lettering

► Color

► Proportion

► Dominance and Subordination

★ Balance (Balance) refers to the placement of elements in the image to have the same weight. It does not create the impression that the composition of the image is heavy in any way. The weight of the image depends on the size, shape, intensity and color.

– Symmetrical balance on both sides is the same (Symmetrical balance), both left and right are the same. This kind of balance will make it look stable, firm, fair, such as government jobs, certificates, certificates. Taking photos with ID cards, etc.

– Equilibrium with two sides is not the same (Asymmetrical balance) left and right are not the same. But look at the same with visual weight, such as balanced by weight and shape size, with attention point by number, difference of detail with color intensity, etc.

★ Unity (Unity) in design, the designer must take into account all work in the same unit as a group. Or have all the correlation of that task and consider the subsections down to the respective subsections. Would have to hold on to this principle as well

There are two types of cosmic creation in practice:

Static unity A grouping of solid from and shapes such as geometric shapes. It will give a powerful, decisive, solid first and for sure.

– Dynamic unity focuses on the sensitivity of movement. Which, in the form of gradation or harmony or contrast, to be expressed from the work as well, will complete the work A good composition should ensure that the components are united and not scattered. The assembly gives rise to units, or the universe, and the subject is the focus. And there are various components to be interesting

★ Space is the space between or around objects or characters. Or look as one Cause emphasis And as a breakpoint

★ Rhythm or rhythm (Rhythm) The rhythm is caused by the continuation or repetition. Good timing makes the picture fun. Comparable to the beautiful music in the design of the rhythm is divided into 4 types:

– The same rhythm is repeated. Is bringing the same elements or pictures Let’s put together. Make it look orderly, formal, continuous pattern design such as wrought iron pattern, floor tile pattern or wall pattern, fabric pattern, etc.

– The rhythm alternates to static. It is the continuous alternation of different elements or images in a series of intervals giving the feeling of a system, consistency, and certainty.

– The rhythm alternates with non-static. It is a combination of different elements or images that are freely placed alternately in size, direction, and distance.

– Strokes from small to large Or from large to small Is bringing the same image Let’s put together, but have different sizes. In continuous order from small to large or from large to small Gives the image depth and dimension

★ Direction (Direction) means the way to show that. In what direction the design motivates the viewer to see and feel what the design looks like, the designer can choose and direct the image direction according to The need for directional design is used in various ways such as

1. the nature of direction arising from the basic components of art with angles, width and length.

2. The nature of the direction arising from the plane

3. The nature of the direction arising from the use of work techniques such as brush strokes.

4. The directional characteristics arising from the nature of the frame composition.

5. Characteristics of direction arising from human vision (Circular Observation)

Good alignment in visual arts should take into account the harmony of directions, ie points, lines, shapes, textures and colors, etc. That is unity in the works


Surface is something that can be seen or felt on the surface of a work. Different textures make the same designs look different. The surface adds dimension to the work. And the viewer can experience the surface the designer has applied to the work.

★ Calligraphy (Lettering) A letter is a different element from other elements. Letters can be written directly to tell a story to the reader. Not having to interpret like other elements At the same time, letters can be decorated in different styles, sizes and colors to create attractive and engaging characters.

1. Match the purpose of the subject content

2. Design with benefit in mind, aiming to gain from the use of graphic materials for important conveying.

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