• This field is where the courses are flexible and diverse. For those who want to work in the creative industries and full of innovative culture. And suitable for those who need extensive knowledge in the fields of art, media and design The demand in this field is growing exponentially. And is about to converge internationally, nationally and at the core industrial level quickly.
  • Where this field is a single course Extensive tutoring to prepare you for both general and management subjects in the creative media industry world. Or it could develop you into an artist of international talent. By building a wide variety of basic skills You will benefit from learning theory and practice covering fine arts, design, product marketing and media.
  • An important quality that many people overlook is being a good listener. Yes, art lessons are not the ones who want to draw. Want to do any project But must follow the problem Learn what is not good at Try something in different styles. Being a good listener Not a full glass of water is therefore very important.

Design | Here’s the thing

Design refers to conveying a pattern from an idea into a work that others can see, perceive or feel. In order to have an understanding of the work together

Design significance There are several reasons, namely

  1. In terms of planning work. Design work will help them work in accordance with Steps appropriately and saves time. Therefore, design may be considered as planning work.
  2. In terms of presentations The design works will help the stakeholders to have a clear mutual understanding, so the importance of this aspect is to convey meaning for understanding.


  1. What is described in detail about the work. Some jobs can be very detailed. The design works will help all stakeholders And those who see it have a clearer understanding, or it can be said that the design work can represent the designer’s ideas at all.
  2. Designs are of the utmost importance in the event that the designer versus the creator or the manufacturer. Are different people, such as an architect and a builder Designer and manufacturer in the factory or if it is already compared A designer, like a playwright, is a product of design. It is something that arises from the creativity and craftsmanship of

There are several styles of designers:

In addition, some models are functional like the real thing, so they can be used in experiments. And test run To find defects

Type of design

  1. architectural design (Architecture Design) is a design for construction. Buildings, designers, this branch is called the Architect (Architect), generally having to work with Engineers and decorators, with architects responsible for the utility and beauty of the building. Architecture works include
  • General architecture It is the design of general constructions such as buildings, houses, shops, churches, temples, etc.
  • structural architecture It is a specific design for the main structure of the building.
  • Interior architecture It is a continuous design from the structural work. That is a component of the building
  • Landscape design It is a design that has a large area. Is an arrangement of different areas to suit the usefulness and beauty
  • Urban planning design It’s a big design And there are complex elements that comprise many buildings. Landscape system Utilities, etc.
  1. Product design (Product Design) is designed for production. Different products Any design work in this field Has the most extensive scope And can be divided into many different styles. Designer is responsible for the usefulness and beauty of

These types of design products include

  • Furniture design
  • Product design
  • Sanitary ware design
  • Design of various utensils
  • Jewelery design work
  • Costume design work
  • Product container design
  • Design work, production of tools, etc.
  1. Engineering Design is the design for the production of various types of products as well as product design. Which are related High production know-how and technology is required.The designer is the engineer who will be responsible for the utility. Safety and Manufacturing process Something has to work

Together with designers in various fields with this type of chest work, including

  • Electrical appliance design
  • Engine design
  • Mechanical design
  • Communication equipment design
  • Design of various electronic devices, etc.
  1. Decorative Design (Decorative Design) is a design for decorating things. To be more beautiful and suitable for use Designers learn that a decorator, who often works with architects. These types of design work include
  • Interior Design (Interior Design)
  • Exterior decoration (Exterior Design)
  • Landscaping and grounds (Landscape Design)
  • Decoration of product display corner (Display)
  • Exhibition (Exhibition)
  • Board arrangement
  • Decoration on the surface of things, etc., etc.
  1. Graphic Design is a design for the production of various types of publications, such as books, newspapers, posters, business cards, cards, printing, fabric designs, photo printing on various appliances, symbol design. Trademark etc.